Course Management

Delivering in our LMS or yours, you’ll get total control of your team’s training with Ethena’s compliance platform.

  • Upload and manage your own content, but leverage all our reliable reporting features
  • Automate assignments based on location and role
  • Easily remind employees who have outstanding training to complete

LMS Essentials

Our easy-to-use learning management system (LMS) feature. Upload and manage your own training within Ethena!

  • Your training + our assignment tools
  • Manage your training via our reporting dashboard
  • Enjoy a simplified experience for you and your employees

We accept the following file types:

✅ SCORM (all types)              ✅ CMI5
✅ AICC                                   ✅ PDF
✅ xAPI                                    ✅ Video

Automated Assignments

Assigning workplace training won’t feel like work with Ethena!

  • Assign recurring training or one-time training based on role and location. Use Ethena’s preset retraining dates or adjust to your schedule.
  • Assign courses to teams, managers, or your selected list
  • Set deadlines and schedule automatic reminders


Ethena handles reminders automatically… or as one-offs if you are under a time crunch!

  • Send reminders through Slack, ZoomChat, or email integrations (they are included for all customers)
  • Choose to remind groups or just managers (they can help motivate their teams to finish training so you don’t have to)

Ethena’s content is the most relevant, impactful, fun, and inclusive that I’ve ever seen.

DeVane Cheney, Senior Manager Global Learning and Development, Zendesk

Ethena has been an ideal partner as we have worked to deepen the impact of our anti-harassment program.

Jon Hicks, Senior Counsel, Netflix

Ethena’s approach honors the individual in terms of learning style, format, and timing.

Liz Ratto, Chief People Officer, Cedar

Average completion rates on Ethena: 83%
Let’s improve yours.

With powerful compliance training tools and engaging content, Ethena is helping employees navigate tricky situations, solve problems, and view HR as a trusted partner. Schedule time with a member of our team to learn more about our compliance training platform and courses.

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