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Every Ethena plan comes with the tools you need to easily administer and track training, regardless of company size.

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Training ContentStandardPremiumEnterprise
Access Ethena’s content library for purchased courses
Deliver bite-sized trainings throughout the year to keep topics top of mind
Content that meets and exceeds AA WCAG accessibility standards
Deliver Harassment Prevention in Spanish and French
Share an introductory message from your executive team
Configure course content to match your company voice
Upload your own courses and leverage Ethena’s platform to track completionAdditional feeAdditional fee
Deliver course content in additional languagesAdditional fee
Admin FeaturesStandardPremiumEnterprise
Track completion and learner feedback with real-time dashboards

Remind learners to train via email and slack on an automated or one-off basis
Assign and target content by department, role, location
Leverage managers to encourage your team to train via notifications and a dedicated portal
Dive deeper into reporting with advanced analytics
Create a seamless experience for your learners with SSOAdditional fee
Streamline investigations on workplace concerns with Anonymous ReportingAdditional feeAdditional fee
Pulse-check sentiment with Employee SurveysAdditional feeAdditional fee
Utilize self-service integrations with Rippling, Gusto, Bamboo HR
Deliver premium HRIS integrations with UKG, Paylocity, Zenefits, Namely, Humaans, Sapling, TriNet, Sequioa, Justworks, SuccessFactors
Deploy advanced integrations with Workday, ADP, Docebo, Degreed, and moreAdditional fee
Custom BrandingStandardPremiumEnterprise
Personalize your training center with custom branding
Personalize reminder emails with custom branding
Utilize self-serve onboarding and support
Partner with a dedicated customer service manager for onboarding and support

Ethena’s content is the most relevant, impactful, fun, and inclusive that I’ve ever seen.

DeVane Cheney, Senior Manager Global Learning and Development, Zendesk

Ethena has been an ideal partner as we have worked to deepen the impact of our anti-harassment program.

Jon Hicks, Senior Counsel, Netflix

Ethena’s approach honors the individual in terms of learning style, format, and timing.

Liz Ratto, Chief People Officer, Cedar

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does Ethena cost?

Ethena is priced per learner per course. Courses range in price from $24-48 per year. Customers on the Premium and Enterprise plans can access the complete catalog of courses for a flat annual fee. Contact sales for premium and enterprise pricing.

Anti-Bribery and Corruption

Diversity, Equity and Inclusion, Hiring and Interviewing, HIPAA, Anti-Money Laundering

Harassment Prevention, Code of Conduct, Data Privacy

Will I be charged when entering my credit card info?

Yes, your card will be charged when you click the Buy button after indicating your learner count and selecting your course package. To preview content before purchasing a subscription, check out the course catalog here.

Does Ethena’s Harassment Prevention training meet US state requirements?

Ethena’s Harassment Prevention course is designed to align with all US state requirements including California, New York, Delaware, Connecticut, Maine, Illinois & Chicago.

Ethena training also works well for global audiences! Talk to Sales to see how Ethena training can meet your global team’s needs.

My company has employees all over the world. Can Ethena work for us?

We work with outside counsel to research and review our content, making sure it hits state- and region-specific regulations. Talk to Sales to learn how our content works for global audiences.

Is there a minimum number of users required to use Ethena?

A minimum of 10 users is required for signup. For companies under 50 learners, we recommend the standard plan, and self sign-up.

How does Ethena assign training to ensure everyone gets the correct training?

Short answer: tech wizardry. The Ethena platform is incredibly flexible, built to send the right training to the right people, automatically, based on characteristics like location, management level, etc. You can also manage your course settings manually if you are so inclined.

Does Ethena offer customizable e-learning courses?

We offer a wide range of configurable course settings to our premium and enterprise clients. Contact sales to explore your options.

Do I need to sign a contract before starting?

If you’re on the standard plan: no. If you’re on a Premium or Enterprise plan: yes. Contact sales for a demo to see what plan is right for you.

Can I preview the training content before purchasing?

Sure! A full list of our courses and sample course content is available on the course page.

How much time does it take to set up and manage Ethena on an ongoing basis?

Ethena is highly automated to save admins time! Standard users can expect to spend about an hour setting up Ethena and about thirty minutes a month reviewing reporting stats, reminding team members to train and adding new team members.

For Premium and Enterprise customers, integrations, SSO and course configuration can add extra time to the setup process. Our incredible Customer Success team is available to guide you through the process, with 24 hour response times.

How often does Ethena update the course content?

We conduct content and legal reviews of our courses on an ongoing basis to ensure our content stays fresh, relevant, and legally sound. We do multimedia enhancements and refreshers on our courses often to bring you the best content from the brilliant minds that make up our creative team.

Does Ethena offer SSO?

Yes! SSO is available to Premium and Enterprise customers.

My company has lots of contractors. Can they train on Ethena?

Yes! You can add team members manually, via CSV upload or manage them with an integration. Contractors and interns included!

Does Ethena provide live/in-person training?

Ethena’s training is virtual only, designed to meet learners where they are. We have found that virtual, self-paced training gives learners a better experience, increases engagement, and is more likely to be retained.