Hiring & Interviewing Training Course

Best practices for inclusive hiring and interviewing

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Curriculum Overview

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Going with your gut feeling is great for picking out ice cream flavors; less so for hiring. Hiring & Interviewing training includes best practices to run an inclusive and effective hiring process, the legal landmines to avoid in interviews, and a spotlight on tackling bias at the process and individual level.

Topics Covered:

Legal Basics and Pitfalls
Implicit Bias in Hiring
Protected Classes & Discrimination
Small Talk & Grey Areas
CROWN Act, ADA, Ban the Box
Reasonable Accommodations

Hiring Best Practices

Proper Note Taking

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Compliance training for modern teams

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Inclusive Hiring Means Building Connections with Candidates

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We had such a blast learning the ins and outs of what makes an excellent recruiting process, and we’ve pulled together a few of our key takeaways below. (For a full recording of the call, scroll to the bottom of this post!)

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