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Curriculum Overview

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Ethena’s sexual harassment prevention training course covers all federal and state legal regulations for compliance, but it doesn't stop there. Learners find value in our modern and engaging approach to learning, with timely, relevant examples that keep key concepts top-of-mind all year long.

Inspire learners to foster healthy and inclusive workplaces with topics such as Intersectionality, Bystander Intervention, and more, delivered in bite-sized micro-lessons.

Topics Covered:

Rules & Regulations, tailored by state

Bystander Intervention


Online Harassment

Mentorship & #MeToo

Bias, Awareness, & Belonging

Pregnancy & Parenthood

Annual Compliance Refresher

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Harassment Prevention is new and improved for 2022!

Using over 500,000 pieces of learner feedback, we’ve improved our harassment prevention compliance training course.

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Learn more about state-specific compliance training requirements for sexual harassment:

The individual state requirements and deadlines for a charge of discrimination can be very different. Be sure to check your state for filing instructions. If you live and work in different states you should contact either state to determine the best location to file.

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Compliance training for modern teams

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Easy Onboarding

Onboard your team quickly with a CSV or keep learner data updated in near real-time with HRIS integrations. Partner with a dedicated CSM to help you along the way.

Compelling Content

Smart, engaging course content that never goes out-of-style. Includes current events - designed with the modern learner in mind.

Measuring Impact

Track who is behind on training at a glance, capture learner feedback, and analyze changes in learner behavior to identify knowledge gaps you can act on.

Why Harassment Training is Needed

Harassment is pervasive. A 2018 Pew survey found that 59% of women and 27% of men reported experiencing sexual harassment. Of those that reported experiencing sexual harassment, 69% of women and 61% of men experienced it at work or both at work and outside of work.

These numbers have a very real implication. They mean you may have experienced harassment at work. And if you haven’t, it’s likely you have friends and colleagues who have. 

Being a victim of harassment profoundly impacts a person at work, including lower job satisfaction and a higher intention to leave the workplace, and can extend to physical and emotional health. 

Undeniably, being treated disrespectfully at work is bad for you and for your workplace.

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