Ethena, meet Gusto


Ethena provides harassment prevention training for today’s teams by offering modern, effective content in an easy-to-use, state-compliant, e-learning platform. 


Gusto integrates with Ethena to sync employee data to Ethena’s platform, reducing the overhead of managing multiple systems.

Customers who join Gusto from Ethena will receive Gusto free for their first 3 months.

Connect to Gusto from Ethena

1.  Sign into the Ethena admin hub

2.  Click Accounts on the left menu

3.  Navigate to the Integrations tab

6. Click Authorize.

 a.  This will direct you to Gusto’s website.

4.  In the section labeled Gusto, click Integrate Gusto.​​

5.  Enter your Gusto credentials and click Sign in.

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 a.  You will be redirected back to Ethena’s Integrations Page.

  • Show as ‘Enabled’

  • Display when the last sync occurred

  • Indicate how many users are managed through Gusto versus managed directly in Ethena.

If the connection was successful, the Gusto section of the integrations page will:

You can turn off the integration at any time by selecting Remove Gusto on the same page. No employees will be removed from either system if you turn off the integration. 

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The Gusto Ethena employee sync

To reduce administrative overhead, Ethena treats Gusto as the source of truth for employee information. Out of the box, Ethena syncs all employees found in Gusto with a valid email address and job location. 

The sync will occur every hour to ensure any new employees are captured early. In the Ethena employees page, users managed through Gusto have the Gusto “g” logo next to their email addresses.

Information that will be pulled from Gusto:

  • Name

  • Email address

  • Work state

  • Managerial status

  • Department/office

At this time, contractor information will not push to Ethena.


To ensure that your team members’ work email addresses are added to Ethena from Gusto, make sure they are included in your team’s Gusto onboarding checklist and that all team members are completing this task. See this article for more detailed information.

Manually manage employees in Ethena

If you do not want Gusto to automatically update employee information for an individual:

1. Click My Employees
2. Click on an individual.
3. Click the link to Manage this user manually.
4. Edit fields as needed.
5. Click Save Employee.

Note: Ethena allows admins to edit the email address of employees in Ethena directly, even if the user is managed through Gusto for admins who prefer employees to receive their training through a different email address than the one provided in Gusto. 

Once the Gusto icon is no longer showing next to the employee name, you’ll be responsible for managing that employee manually.

Frequently Asked Questions

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What if I’ve already added employees to Ethena?
Ethena matches users based on email address and name. This means if you used the same email address in Gusto as you did in Ethena, or if their full name matches, the integration will automatically connect the two records.
What if I want to provide Ethena training to a user who is not in my Gusto account.
Add the user(s) directly to Ethena.
What happens if an employee isn’t syncing to Ethena?
First confirm that the Gusto employee has a valid email address as well as a valid job location. If it’s still not working, please reach out to
What do I do if I have two users in Ethena for the same employee?
Ethena allows admins to remove accounts that were created in error. If information differs between the systems, and Ethena is unable to match a Gusto user against an existing Ethena record, it can happen that a duplicate record is created. In this case, simply delete the user that was just created, update the correct user in Ethena to match the information in Gusto, and after an hour or two, the sync should run again and match the two users.
What happens if I dismiss an employee in Gusto but they haven’t completed all their trainings in Ethena?
Their Ethena training will be paused and they will not be able to review or complete any outstanding training.
In Ethena, what does “pause training” do in the employee details?
If a user is managed in Ethena, not by Gusto, then pausing them means they can no longer view or complete any outstanding training. They will also not be assigned any future training. 

If the user is managed by Gusto, then the admin would first have to mark the user as managed by Ethena, then pause their training. 

If a user is managed by Ethena their information will not sync from Gusto.

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