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Degreed and Ethena are thrilled to offer Ethena’s innovative, engaging training to Degreed's clients. Both companies share a mission to provide a world class learning experience and help employees build tangible skills and change cultures.

Compliance Training 

for Today’s Teams

Get your team compliant with modern, evidence-based training. Our easy-to-use software handles the administrative details.

  • Relevant, engaging content that learners love

  • Patent-pending engine that automatically assigns training and reminders

  • Training over time approach drives behavior and culture change

Short, bite-sized training nudges are convenient and easy to complete
and fresh content every month keeps training relevant to current events
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Why integrate?

All learners can access Ethena training via Degreed, leading to a seamless learner and admin experience.

  • Ethena's courses are listed as Articles in Degreed, so compliance training is located where employees go to learn everyday
  • Compliance training requirements lead to increased Degreed engagement (learners must go to Degreed to access it!)
  • Completion data from Ethena is synced to Degreed for real-time reporting

As a career learning designer and technologist, I've worked with dozens of online compliance training companies. Ethena's content is the most relevant, impactful, fun, and inclusive that I've ever seen. Our global learners give the topics and examples top ratings. Even better, Ethena's integration with Degreed turned out seamless and feels like you're still in the same system. Learners are reminded of their Ethena training directly in Degreed and which makes it user-friendly for our learners and ideal administration for our team.

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