With a patent-pending, smart delivery system built around the way adults learn best, Ethena’s continuous learning approach goes beyond check-the-box training. Our content is packed with real-world examples, dynamic multimedia, and a fun and inclusive tone.


Of course our harassment prevention covers all the federal and state legal regulations for compliance, but it doesn't stop there. Our training inspirers learners to create and foster healthy and inclusive workplaces with topics on intersectionality, bystander intervention and much more.

 Curriculum Overview 

Rules & Regulations, tailored by state

Bystander Intervention


Online Harassment

Mentorship & #MeToo

Bias, Awareness, & Belonging

Pregnancy & Parenthood 

Annual Compliance Refresher


This training answers the question, “Do bribery and corruption rules even apply to me?” Spoiler: they do! Learners will get a foundational understanding of the legal do’s and don’ts around workplace corruption and bribery. Our training includes timely references and examples, plus specific actions that can trigger statue violations - all without heavy legal jargon!

 Curriculum Overview 

Common Red Flags & Suspicious Activity

Working with and Managing Third Parties

Gifts, Entertainment, and Hospitality

Industry-Specific Case Studies

Regulations: FCPA, UK Bribery Act, Local Laws

Books, Recordings, & Internal Controls

Bribery Risks in Hiring

Annual Legal Refresher


Going with your gut feeling is great for picking out ice cream flavors; less so for hiring. Our training includes best practices to run an inclusive and effective hiring process, the legal landmines to avoid in interviews, and a spotlight on tackling bias at the process and individual level.

 Curriculum Overview 

Legal Basics and Pitfalls

Implicit Bias in Hiring

Protected Classes & Discrimination

Small Talk & Grey Areas

CROWN Act, ADA, Ban the Box

Reasonable Accommodations

Hiring Best Practices

Proper Note Taking


This course is built to help learners understand, support and celebrate coworkers with rising identities through compassion and intersectional awareness. Our media-rich DEI training brings complex issues to life through thoughtful real-world examples, vivid comics, imaginative videos, and more (and by “more” we mean musical puppets).

 Curriculum Overview 




Belonging and Psychological Safety

Identity & Intersectionality

Bias, Awareness, & Belonging

Disability in the Workplace

Diversity & Inclusivity in Remote
& Hybrid Workplaces


Changing the way growing businesses tackle legal, ethical, and compliance risk areas, Ethena’s configurable Code of Conduct course modernizes how companies train employees about ethical behavior in the workplace.

 Curriculum Overview 



Harassment & DEI

Fair Competition


Financial Crimes

Company & Data Protection

Political Activities & Working
with the Government

Upcoming Courses

Coming 2022 & Beyond


Data Privacy & Data Security

Financial Crime & Anti-Money Laundering

Conflicts of Interest

Insider Trading

…and more!

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